Октонавты, 1-й сезон

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Серии 1-го сезона

When Dashi is accidentally swallowed by a whale shark, the Octonauts venture inside the huge fish to rescue her.
When Kwazii's Gup-B breaks down in a storm, not even brave Captain Barnacles can save him alone. Fortunately, a chain of reef lobsters lends a hand - and some claws.
Barnacles and Kwazii investigate a disruption on a nearby reef: a carrier crab and the urchin who lives on its shell just can't seem to get along.
When Peso's precious medical kit is taken, Barnacles and Kwazii sneak into a dangerous walrus colony to get it back, disguised as a walrus.
When a school of flying fish accidentally make off with a rare book belonging to Professor Inkling, the Octonauts rig up the Gup B to fly after them and get it back.
The Octonauts roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun. Whether it's a perilous voyage to the bottom of the sea or the piratey pursuit of a giant squid, the Octonauts leap into action and always prove that eight heads are better than one! The Octonauts set out to find and photograph Inkling's long lost cousin, the elusive Giant Squid.
When a huge Orca whale becomes stranded on a beach, Captain Barnacles Bear and the Octonauts devise a plan to pull him back into the water, with some help from a group of tunnelling Fiddler Crabs.
Captain Barnacles and his crew must catch a runaway Octopod, when it is hijacked by a group of crustaceans trying to escape their algae-infested waters.
When Shellington gets lost in a dark sea cave, he gets unexpected assistance from some blind Remipedes.
When all the Gups go out of control, Barnacles and Kwazii leap onto the backs of some speedy Sailfish to round them up.
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Кадр из Октонавты
Кадр из Октонавты
Кадр из Октонавты
Кадр из Октонавты
Кадр из Октонавты
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