Штисель, 3-й сезон


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It's four years later and the widowed Shtisel patriarch is searching for a new match, while Akiva tries to figure out how to balance love and art.
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Алон Зингман
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Серии 3-го сезона

Deep in grief, Akiva struggles to fit into the art world. Shulem makes a mistake, threatening his place in the Cheder. Yosa'le meets the wrong girl.
Shulem carves his own path, enraging the community. Hanina seeks guidance to break an impasse with Ruchami. Akiva tries to win back his paintings.
Yosa'le keeps getting calls, but the line is silent. Under pressure from Giti, he pursues meetings with Shira Levinson. Akiva makes a blunder.
Akiva finds a surprising savior to help with his daughter's situation. Ruchami makes a difficult decision. Shulem stumbles forth with Nechama.
Yosa'le struggles with his feelings for the two Shiras. Ruchami and Hanina come to the same conclusion without realizing it. Lippe has an idea.
Akiva panics when he finds himself getting closer to Racheli. Zvi Arie and Tovi have opposing perspectives. Shulem's heart aches, in different ways.
Hanina is worried about Ruchami's predicament. Akiva and Racheli discover their truths by enacting a fiction for the social worker.
Akiva is still blinded by his love for Libbi and can't fully see Racheli. Yosa'le reunites with the first Shira, but Giti disapproves.
Shulem has confrontations with Akiva, Racheli, Nechama and Nuchem. Ruchami fights for her life, and her baby's.
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