Бездомный Бог

Бездомный Бог, 1-й сезон

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Серии 1-го сезона

1 серия: Домашний кот, бездомный бог и хвостик
Yato is an unemployed stray god who battles Phantoms and solves humans' problems for only 5 yen. But little does he know that a search for a missing cat is about to lead to a fateful encounter...
2 серия: Подобный снегу
Angry that Yato hasn't found a way to heal her yet, Hiyori takes matters into her own hands. She hurries off to find a new Regalia for Yato, but encounters disaster instead!
3 серия: Пришла беда - отворяй ворота
Yukine learns that living with a god isn't all it's cracked up to be, but things start to change when an unexpected client hires Yato for a job!
4 серия: Там, где пребывает счастье
Yato introduces Yukine and Hiyori to one of the Seven Gods of Fortune... Except this god is nothing like what they imagined!
5 серия: Граница
Yato teaches Yukine a new technique to ward off Phantoms... and it's not long until this skill is put to the test! To make matters worse, Yukine must also contend with the naughty thoughts and feelings he has for Hiyori...
6 серия: Страшная особа
Yato and Yukine are suddenly attacked by Bishamon, a skimpily-dressed goddess of war. While Yato tries to deal with the situation in an injured state, Hiyori seeks help from another god...
7 серия: Сомнения и судьба
Bishamon and other gods must exterminate the Phantoms that have poured out of the newly-opened Vent. However, Yukine and Yato are still on unfriendly terms - a fact that the mysterious Nora uses to her advantage.
8 серия: Перейдя черту
Despite his poor condition, Yato is hired to help a student with a bullying problem. But things take a drastic turn when both the student and Yukine come face-to-face with the reality of their situations.
9 серия: Имя
With Yato on the verge of death, Hiyori and friends decide to hold a dangerous purification ritual that requires outside help. But who would willingly risk their life for this unknown god?
10 серия: Презренные
Hiyori rings in the new year by visiting a nearby shrine. Nora and a sinister god of calamity named Rabo have other plans for her, though…
11 серия: Брошенный бог
Hiyori mysteriously loses all memory of Yato but no one else. While Yato struggles to help her remember, Nora and Rabo continue with their scheme.
12 серия: Осколки воспоминаний
Yato and Yukine face Rabo and Nora in a final battle.
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Кадр из Бездомный Бог
Кадр из Бездомный Бог
Кадр из Бездомный Бог
Кадр из Бездомный Бог
Кадр из Бездомный Бог
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