Судьба: Начало

Судьба: Начало, 2-й сезон

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Серии 2-го сезона

1 серия: Эпизод 1The Bloody Battle of Mion River
Дата выхода:7 апреля 2012
The battle against Caster continues as the Heroes have no way of stopping him. Toki is trying to appeal to Archer to use his Noble Phantasm to obliterate the monster. Kiri meanwhile, is planning to destroy the source of the monsters powers.
2 серия: Эпизод 2Golden Radiance
Дата выхода:14 апреля 2012
Rider is shifting Caster into his Reality Marble to buy some time. He asks the other Heroes to come up with a plan to finish Caster off. A phone call from Kiritsugu gives them a fighting chance, but it comes down to Lancer making a difficult choice.
3 серия: Эпизод 3The End of Honor
Дата выхода:21 апреля 2012
With all the Heroes exhausted from their win against Caster, Saber has challenged Lancer to a final battle. A battle fought with honor and respect between two Knights. Kiri doesn’t care for honor or respect, he will win by any means necessary and tonight he shows how far he will go.
4 серия: Эпизод 4The Eighth Contract
Дата выхода:28 апреля 2012
With rules being broken and new players entering the tournament, the remaining Heroes and Masters are entering a new phase of the tournament. What Tokiomi does next will affect everyone.
5 серия: Эпизод 5Distant Memories
Дата выхода:5 мая 2012
As a child, Kiritsugu lived on a small island with his father Nori. Nori's magical work with flowers has captured the attention of a local girl.
6 серия: Эпизод 6Where Justice Is Found
Дата выхода:12 мая 2012
Natalia has raised Kiritsugu since rescuing him from the island. He has followed her in every step in becoming an assassin. Over the years their relationship has grown to the point of mother and child, so what Kiritsugu does next is…
7 серия: Эпизод 7Return of the Assassin
Дата выхода:19 мая 2012
Irisviel time is running out and Kiritsugu is doing what he can to make her comfortable. But the game continues and he leaves to eliminate his next target. A surprise attack against his hideout leaves him a man down and heart broken.
8 серия: Эпизод 8Knight on Two Wheels
Дата выхода:26 мая 2012
Saber is hot on the trail of Rider, much to his delight. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu sets off on a different lead. The new player, Matou Kariya, watches in the background as his play unfolds perfectly.
9 серия: Эпизод 9All Evil in This World: Angra Mainyu
Дата выхода:2 июня 2012
The end of the battle is drawing near and relationships between Masters and Servants are changing. Many players have dropped off the field, and a very special one is next to go.
10 серия: Эпизод 10The Sea of the Ends
Дата выхода:9 июня 2012
Saber vs. Berserker, Archer vs. Rider, another hero will fall and a secret will be revealed.
11 серия: Эпизод 11The Last Command Seal
Дата выхода:16 июня 2012
Two heroes, two masters, one grail; a winner will be decided.
12 серия: Эпизод 12Fate/Zero
Дата выхода:23 июня 2012
As commanded by Kiritsugu, Saber unleashes her Noble Phantasm on the Holy Grail, with a completely unexpected result. Who will end up winning the war?
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