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A few years passed since Yamaguchi left Shirokin Gakuen which closed after some time. Everything has been difficult for Yankumi the following years for her new students are little kids that doesn't suit her way of teaching. Change is on the horizon when a bad hair day came but with a little twist became okay. Mr. Sawatari Goro, Shirokin's vice Principal is in need of teacher in the school he is teaching. But not just ordinary teacher... he specifically need Yankumi! The school is Kurogin Gakuen. When she arrived in the school she was really happy till she knew that she is to handle another bunch of 3-D but this time meaner and more violent! As usual, she has to hide her background or else she'll lose her job. She does her best to be nice to every student but it seemed that it'll be harder for the students are worst than the word worst. How will she face them? Is it a new challenge?
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Серии 2-го сезона

1 серия: Эпизод 1
Дата выхода:15 января 2005
In the first episode, two characters are introduced. Hayato and Odagiri. Hayato is the leader of class and childhood friend of Odagiri. For some reason, Hayato and Odagiri fought and now Odagiri Ryu quit school and is now working to some dangerous guy. Odagiri refuses to go to school as well. How will Yankumi bring back her precious student back to school?
2 серия: Эпизод 2
Дата выхода:22 января 2005
Yankumi has convinced Ryu to go back to school but Hayato is still against him. The atmosphere in class suddenly changed when the two met. Although Ryu isn't against the reconciliation thing, Hayato still holds grudge of what Ryu did in the past. While Yankumi tries her best to let the two make up, Hayato took Yankumi as an annyoing teacher leading him to challenge her.
3 серия: Эпизод 3
Дата выхода:29 января 2005
Some guys are around the neighborhood beating people up and claiming that if they have any problem, they can go to Kurogin high. They also say that they are Hayato and Odagiri. One night the two were set up on a crime they didn't commit and the worst is no one believes them and the police officer wants them arrested. How will Yankumi find the impersonator and clear her students name?
4 серия: Эпизод 4
Дата выхода:5 февраля 2009
Girls are coming to Kurogin high and class 3-D are so excited but ended up scaring them. On the other hand, Tyuchi, another student met one of the girls in a books store shoplifting. Tyuchi didn't turn her in and brought her to an arcade instead. He then knew that the girl is the teachers pet who is considered "PERFECT STUDENT" of her previous teacher whom he didn't get along with. While in the arcade, the teacher caught them and got themselves in a serious trouble.
5 серия: Эпизод 5
Дата выхода:12 февраля 2005
It's valentines day and Takeda is having a huge crush on a girl working at a restaurant as a waitress. Takeda never said anything to her but alwys eats in the restaurant just to see her. He does everything to be noticed even accepting a "make believe" from her friends which made the girl totally hate him. Takeda felt really bad while Yankumi gave him good advice. But when he knew that the girls boyfriend is two timing her, it's up to him on how to make things right.
6 серия: Эпизод 6
Дата выхода:19 февраля 2005
In this episode the story focuss on Hyuga. When they were asked if they already knew what to do in the future, Hyuga had set his mind into something and actually, he had his mind into it now. Hyuga started working to a guy but made his mother really worried. On the other hand, Hayato and Odagiri found a wallet and returned it to the owner. The two ended up taking the guy home and discovering something.
7 серия: Эпизод 7
Дата выхода:26 февраля 2005
Yankumi is on a job hunt for after three months she's out of the school considering that the chairman hates her. On the other hand, her student will soon be so Yankumi tries her best to find a job for them. Tyuchi was the first but because of a street fight, he lost his chance of applying. Yankumi was disapointed but still tried her best to find jobs for them and made the students promise not to fight until graduation.
8 серия: Эпизод 8
Дата выхода:5 марта 2005
Kuma's shop (previous student form season 1) is being threatened by some bad guys but refused to tell Yankumi but did seek help from Hayato. He figured out that since he graduated, he is no longer a student of Yankumi so he can't just ran to her every time things gets bad for him. On the other hand, the family of Hayato will be introduced and where in the world did he get his jerky attitude.
9 серия: Эпизод 9
Дата выхода:12 марта 2005
The story line in this episode is Odagiri and his father. The father of Odagiri is a high ranked police which is the opposite of Yankumis grandfather. The father is against the friends of Odagiri and locked him up but his friends helped him break out. How will Yankumi helped her student when her family is in the line?
10 серия: Эпизод 10
Дата выхода:19 марта 2005
After few days, the class 3-D will be graduating but problems occurred when Kudou came. The class 3-D promised not to fight till graduation but when Kudou's gang attacked them... On the other hand, the chairman is determined to kick out Yankumi together with her 3-D. What will Yankumi do?...
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