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1 серия: Эпизод 1Nekketsu sensei O abare!!
Дата выхода:17 апреля 2002
Yamaguchi started in Shirokin High but on her first day, student are already trying to harass her. Throwing things and stuff at her and giving no respect. They even made a bet that she wouldn't last long which she heard. Later the following day, Kumai a student of her was accused of stealing. Yamaguchi belived his statement that he didn't but it seemed that he's hiding something... Did he really still the money?
2 серия: Эпизод 2Tomodachi mi suten na yo!!
Дата выхода:24 апреля 2002
Her life as the advisory class of class 3-D continuous. At school, a surprise awaits her. Her picture was posted in a board head pasted on a naked female. Yamagushi who was mad like hell asked her student about it but her anger turned up side down when she compared her self to a famous model. That's the day she had her nickname Yankumi from YAmaguchi KUMIko. (the m is changed to an n)On the other hand, Minami is dating a new girl. Later that day Sawada and Minami fought.. what could be the reason for this huge commotion?
3 серия: Эпизод 3Mita me de kimen na!!
Дата выхода:1 мая 2002
A snatcher is going around the neighborhood near Shirokin targeting girls or old ladies. Class 3-D is suspected and Uchiyama is the main. Yankumi is certain that Uchi didn't do anything; the teacher who is determined to find the real culprit made a plan. What will happen if all the sign matches Uchiyama? Is Uchi really innocent?
4 серия: Эпизод 4Shippai shita ra yarinaose
Дата выхода:8 мая 2002
Noda starts having crush on Shizuka sensei. One day, he gave her a necklace but saw her throw it later that day and found out that she is a hostess. Noda who was mad sent pictures of Shizuka in the club and sent it to the head of the school. Later on he felt guilty but Shizuka sensei is to be fired. What will he do?
5 серия: Эпизод 5Kenka to boryoku wa chigau
Дата выхода:15 мая 2002
Yankumi lost her phone and guest who found it. Sawada Shin. Sawada found the address and wanted to return it but ended up in a house filled with Yakuza. Meanwhile, Kumai met a girl and got smitten and for some reasons ended up with her handkerchief. It didn't go well for the two finding out that the girl has a boyfriend. Later that day, some students are targeting the girls boyfriend. When they threatened the boy, he ran leaving the girl alone. What will Kuma do knowing that he has no chance against them?
6 серия: Эпизод 6Ijime ni maken na!!
Дата выхода:22 мая 2002
It is sports tournament in Shirokin high and class 3-D lacks player. Yankumi then found out that she has another student that she never heard of. The student is a victim of Minami and Kuma's bullying. The guy however is reluctant. How can he convince him to go back to school and face his fears?
7 серия: Эпизод 7Jibun no ko wo shinjiro!!
Дата выхода:29 мая 2002
It is a parent's teacher conference and facing the students parents is as exhausting as facing the students themselves. Meanwhile, class 3-D is admiring a cute girl waiting in front of there school only to find out that she's Sawadas little sister. Yankumi found out that Sawada lives alone while his sister lives with her parents. He left for his father and him couldn't get along. Later the following days, his sister got in trouble and to save her. he put himself into serious trouble. What will Yankumi do when Sawadas father doesn't care at all?
8 серия: Эпизод 8Anta wa haha oya daro!!
Дата выхода:5 июня 2002
Because of Shin's scary story, Yankumi is scared to walk alone to the school hallway. One time she left her phone and thinks that someone was following her only to find out that it was a little boy. The boy was Yuta Nakashima-sensei's step son. The boy think of the Nakashima as her mom but since they aren't blood related, Nakashima thinks they are not. How will Yankumi give Nakashima her senses?
9 серия: Эпизод 9Hito no sei ni sun na!!
Дата выхода:12 июня 2002
Yankumi is happy for class 3-D will be hosting a volleyball tournament however they will not the playing.Yankumi thought of something to make them participate and thought of forming a cheer-leading group who will yell chants. Class 3-D aren't into it at all so she told them that they'll be meeting girls there. Everyone agreed and made there efforts. But something is messing everything up. Will things go smoothly?
10 серия: Эпизод 10Watashi wa seito wo shinjiru!!
Дата выхода:19 июня 2002
Everyone is lovelorn that day. 3-D went to a group date wearing formal clothes to keep the fact that they are from Shirokin but soon was revealed. Yankumi saw her long time crush with a girl, and Tetsu the guy who has a crush on Yankumi forever felt that she'll never get Yankumi. But that wasn't the problem, one night, a boy fleeing from a video store he shoplifted from was bumped by the 3-D and were accused of steeling. How can Yankumi prevent them from being expelled?
11 серия: Эпизод 11Omaera hitori ja nai
Дата выхода:26 июня 2002
As usual, Yankumi was called for her students got involved with cops but this time in a positive way. The 3-D became heroes and for some reason, Yankumi gave so much attention of herself although she didn't participate in the hero thingy. Meanwhile, a proud father was giving so much attention to his son which made him mad and say hurtful words . The father passed away all of a sudden. The boy felt bad and put himself in trouble. On the other hand, while Yankumi is trying to help him, some curious reporters found about her deepest darkest secret...
12 серия: Эпизод 12Sayonara yankumi
Дата выхода:3 июля 2002
FInally the magazine stating Yankumi's back ground came out and made a lot of commotions. Yankumi was forced to resign but she doesn't want to. The students on the other hand were so mad about the bad article and were force to meet the press but instead of clearing things up, they made it worst for they beat the press. Now the Shirokin High has a reason to expel them and the only way for them to graduate is if Yankumi will resign. What will they do? Owe
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