Повелитель тьмы на подработке!

Повелитель тьмы на подработке!, 1-й сезон

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1 серия: Сатана идет работать в МакДакThe Devil Arrives in Sasazuka
Дата выхода:4 апреля 2013
When the lord of demons and his horde waged war against the humans in their realm, a hero vanquished their army. Cornered, the Devil fled through an interdimensional portal to Earth. He vows to one day reign again, but until then... he needs a job!
2 серия: Герой остается на ночь у Сатаны по определенным причинам
Emilia the hero finally tracks down the ruler of demons on Earth. Meanwhile, Sadao receives a mysterious text from Chiho warning that more earthquakes are on the way.
3 серия: Сатана идет на свидание со своим кохаем в Сюндзюку
Something supernatural seems to be going on with Chiho. Meanwhile, it's possible Maou seems to have a difficult time understanding certain concepts.
4 серия: Герой учится человеческой доброте
In the aftermath of the cave-in, Emi sees a side of Maou that doesn't jive with the demonic king. Meanwhile, everyone sees a side of the landlady that nobody could have expected.
5 серия: Сатана и Герой спасают Сасадзуку
Lucifer is wrecking the neighborhood in a big way and he's brought along some unexpected friends! Meanwhile, Emi, Maou, and Ashiya do the impossible and try to work together!
6 серия: Сатана идет по лестнице в школу
Back on Ente Isla, the other high priests find out about Olba's betrayal. Meanwhile, Lucifer's moved into the Devil's Castle.
7 серия: Добрая соседка спасает бюджет Сатаны
Maou and company find that a young lady named Suzuno has moved in next door. She is quick to make friends but Emi wonders what her motives are.
8 серия: Герой вступает в бой
Big problems arise when when a new fast-food restaurant opens up. Meanwhile Emi and Suzuno have many miscommunication problems.
9 серия: Герой приобретает боевой опыт
Maou tries to handle the loss of business caused by the opening of a new restaurant. Meanwhile Emi and Suzuno need an impartial third party to resolve their dispute.
10 серия: Экстраординарные деньки Героя и Сатаны
It's a busy day at the local amusement park, with crowded restaurants, animals on the loose, scary ghosts, and a much-needed swimwear intervention. Meanwhile, Suzuno feels the presence of a white-winged being watching her.
11 серия: Герой придерживается своих убеждений
An encounter with a stranger has Suzuno reconsidering her position on the Devil. Meanwhile, Yusa begins stalking Sadao and Shiro around town and learns that they are living good, humble lives.
12 серия: Сатана исполняет свой долг
The archangel Sariel is willing to torture people to get what he wants. Soon, Satan and Sariel engage in an aerial battle that destroys half of the city.
13 серия: Сатана и Герой усердно трудятся на своей работе
Ashiya has something he needs to talk to his master about in private. Meanwhile, Emi also has a strange dream where Satan conquers Sasakuza.
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Кадр из Повелитель тьмы на подработке!
Кадр из Повелитель тьмы на подработке!
Кадр из Повелитель тьмы на подработке!
Кадр из Повелитель тьмы на подработке!
Кадр из Повелитель тьмы на подработке!
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