Рыцарь королевы Ин-хен

Рыцарь королевы Ин-хен, 1-й сезон

Рыцарь королевы Ин-хён
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Ким Бен-су

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Ким Джин-у, Ю Ин На
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While Choi Hee Jin is trying to land a part in a new drama in present time Seoul, Kim Boong Do is fighting to keep his life in King SukJong's Joseon. They both meet when Kim Boong Do time travels to modern Seoul and she mistakes him for an actor from the drama.
Hee Jin gets the part, but later learns it was not because of her acting ability. While Boong Do is trying to make sense of what has happened to him once he returns to his own time. Back in modern Seoul, Hee Jin decides to talk a walk while waiting for the press conference of the drama to begin and an unusual situation happens before her eyes and she meets Boong Do again.
Hee Jin faints because of the shock and is taken to the hospital missing the drama's press conference and Boong Do is stuck in modern Seoul because he has lost his talisman.
Boong Do figures out how the talisman works and puts it to the test. Once he's in modern times, he asks Hee Jin a favor. She complies and, when he plans on leaving, she teaches him the modern day "etiquette" for farewells. Seoul because he has lost his talisman.
Boong Do sneaks back into the library after hours to read up on his own history. He finds out things don't go well for him back in Joseon and so does Hee Jin.
Boong Do narrowly escapes death in the Joseon era only to wind up stuck on Jeju island in the Modern era. Hee Jin becomes his saviour when he uses his sharp mind in order to contact her. Also, Dong Min ends up with his foot in his mouth when he attempts to make a citizen's arrest.
Boong Du goes back to the Joseon era to expose the underhanded ways of the Parliament, in the process saving Queen In Hyun's life. Dong Min and Hee Jin are to reconcile so that they can salvage their images after the airplane incident causes scandal to erupt.
When Hee Jin is given a revised copy of the drama script she finds out the effect Boong Do's actions had on history. She teaches him something new. Boong Do returns to the Joseon era and when assassins attack and destroy the amulet he loses his memory.
Hee Jin has a car accident. When she regains consciousness, she finds out her life is different in some aspects. She also has memories she doesn't remember making and no one remembers Boong Do.
Boong Do recovers his memory and tries to contact Hee Jin, but her manager lies to both of them.
Hee Jin realizes her manager was lying about the calls she has been getting from the unknown number. Boong Do and Hee Jin reunite. Hee Jin breaks it off with Dong Min.
Boong Do and Hee Jin go on a date. She pretends to throw the talisman into a fire, which annoys Boong Do. They had to cut the date short because Hee Jin receives a call. Dong Min is in the hospital.
Back in the Joseon era, Boong Do is openly attacked in the middle day in the busy market streets. The talisman both saves and condemns him by making him disappear in front of everyone and taking him to modern day Seoul. This new turn of events changes history once again.
BoongDu is back in Joseon, YoonWool warns him the talisman can't be used for selfish goals.The King tests BD in front of MinAm,BD is shot and all the arrows hit him. It is shown that BD had talked to the King before the trial and had told him all the truth, making the King believe him, and when he is announced dead, he is actually half dead brought to the place he had told his servant,he disappears now and appears in front of the hospital and is saved.He meets HeeJin and tells her he loves her.
When BD finally seemed to have settled in the present, he disappears while on a date with HJ and is back in Joseon. The talisman turns black. He finds YoonWool dead and avenges her death by killing JaSoo who was the murderer. Once again he comes to present only to disappear once more in front of HJ's eyes, the monk who made the talisman also dies. BD decides to burn the talisman, writes a letter to HJ and brings the talisman to the fire.
One year later. Hee Jin is a doing documentary commentary based on BD’s letter. BD is recognized by a minister and is caught. BD and HJ are both in the palace at the same time and HJ suddenly tears up. BD decides to end his life by hanging from the tie. HJ starts crying uncontrollably and her memories flow back, she calls his number, but drops the phone. In Joseon, the phone receives the call and BD manages to free himself to answer the phone and transport to future. They are back together!
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