100 подвигов Эдди Макдауда

100 подвигов Эдди Макдауда, 3-й сезон

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Серии 3-го сезона

1 серия: Эпизод 1
Justin trys to bulk up to make the wrestling team as a good way to improve his college resume. Meanwhile the new dog is town,Buster is taking all of Eddie's potential deeds with his do-right attitude. Eddie snaps on Buster, who's only trying to be his friend, he doesn't know why doing good is wrong. Justin pushes his training too far and doesn't make the team. He decides to try out for the heavy weights, and when Sariffa trys to stop him he lashes out on her. Justin trys to lift more then he can handle in his new work out center and is traped under the barbell.The bar is too big for Eddie to lift, but with Busters help, they free him. After the insident, Justin makes up with Sarrifa and they decided to train for football tryouts in four weeks. Buster gets what he wants...a friend and Eddie gets a deed, leaving him with only 68 to go.
2 серия: Эпизод 2
Justin's growing up. He's changed his style,his room,his tunes and hey...is that a whisker? Now if only he could get his grandma to believe it. Crazy Grandma comes over for a visit with her Cockatoo,Gabey.From the start, Gabey and Eddie don't get along. They reek havoc in the house and leave it for Justin to clean up. Meanwhile, Justin and Grandma sharing a room just isn't working out. Justin finally loses it and snaps on his Grandma when she bring his lunch to school.Eddie, when he has the chance to shut the window, doesn't and Gabey flys away. Both Justin and Eddie feel bad about what they've done. Justin apologises to his Grandma and Eddie helps get Gabey back.
3 серия: Эпизод 3
Justin is trying out for the hockey team, but it seems skills and fair play aren't enough for this team. Eddie shows Justin some foal play, and using it, he makes the team. His new friends don't turn out to be all they are cracked up to be, particularly the team captian Charlie. The group starts causing mis-jif around town and Justin ends up in trouble with the law, and grounded. Meanwhile Tori wins two concert tickets and both Doug and Lisa want to take her....now who to choose? Both try impressing her with her favorite meals, music and ""hip"" clothes. Tori realises that the band wasn't all that good so she gives them the tickets and lets Doug and Lisa go together. Justin also has a choice to make now. Charlie wants him to ""take the other teams captain""(slashing his knee untill it snaps like a twig)"" in the next game. Eddie interrupts the game before Justin gets the chance to hurt the guy and the team decides to drop Charlie. Justin is now playing for an honest team, Doug and Lisa get
4 серия: Эпизод 4
Tori over sees Justin talking to Eddie and tells Doug and Lisa. At first they think nothing of it, until Lisa sees it for herself. They hire a psycologist, Dr.Silver, to help Justin. Meanwhile, Tori and Sarrifa find a chain letter while cleaning up the part. Sarrifa throws it away and thinks nothing of it,Tori on the other hand is convinced this is bad luck for sure. Dr.Silver tries talking to Justin and is disturbed when Justin admits that he talks to Eddie. The doctor is ready to ship him off to a special school and get him additional help. Tori finally convinces Sarrifa of the chain letters powers and they send out the letters. Eddie makes a deal with the Drifter to help Justin. He tells him take away as many deeds as he wants, just do whatever it takes to help Justin. The Drifter makes it so that Dr.Silver can also understand Eddie and the doctor says there is nothing wrong with Justin and leaves in a hurry.When the family recieves Tori's chainletter they have to send it to 72 peop
5 серия: Эпизод 5
Justin and Eddie have been having some problems sharing their room. They decide it would be best if Eddie were to get a dog house, but no ordinary dog house, this is a McDowd crib.Meanwhile Tori and Sarrifa decide to buy a remote controlled air plane and split the cost. They also decide to share the plan...maybe not such a great idea. They begin to argue over who's turn it is and then have little mishaps with it while it's in their possesion.Neihter Justin or Eddie can sleep without the other one. They decide to work out their differences and move back in together. Tori and Sarrifa also work out thier problems and decide to go fly thier plane together,however they have some enigine trouble. While walking through the park Eddie and Justin spot thier plane about to hit a man painting. Eddie leaps into action and pulls the man out of the way just in time, earning him deed number 70.
6 серия: Эпизод 6
Eddie gets revenge on an old teacher and Mr. Villman takes it out on Justin. With parent-teacher conferences approaching Eddie's actions might affect Justin's chances of going to hockey camp. Eddie trys to make it up to him and prove he's a good dog but everytime he tries he just makes it worse.Meanwhile, Doug,Lisa and Tori are battling a rat problem.Tori convinces the Taylars not to kill it, but to catch it. They sucseed in doing so...but now what do they do with it? While strolling through the park Mr.Villman gets a cookie from an old student holding a grudge. When he askes for no nuts,since he's allergic, he gives him one with nuts as pay back. Eddie sees Mr.Villman choking on the cookie and rushes to retrieve his briefcase with his medicine. Mr.Villman is greatful and gives Justin a good report at the parent-teacher conference.Justin's going to hockey camp,Eddie has deed number 64 and the Taylars have a new pet...Morris the rat!
7 серия: Эпизод 7
Justin and Eddie are planning a day at the beach, however Eddie isn't too thrilled about it. Justin sneaks his dad's favorite fishing poll, ""Wonder Boy"", out when his dad isn't looking and takes it without permission.Meanwhile Tori's trying to write an essay on ""A Problem Facing American Society"" however, being British, it's hard for her to think of a topic. Doug trys to help her but has had WAY too much caffine, and isn't much help. Back at the beach, Justin keeps trying to get Eddie to go swimming until Eddie reveals a bad experience in his childhood that has mad him afraid of the ocean. While Justin is trying to get Eddie more confortable with the water,he doesn't realise his dad's fishing pole it being carried out in the waves. Sarrifa goes in after it with a sonar device while Justin goes to borrow someones underwater diving mask. Eddie sees Sarrifa drowning and can't get help, so he goes in after her. He saves Sarrifa, concurs his fear of swimming and picks up deed number 62. And
8 серия: Эпизод 8
Eddie's finding it harder and harder to do deeds. He gets fed up with it and regresses back to his old bad ways. The Drifter can't control him and is put on suspension by the Drifter Council. Meanwhile while Tori is recording a demo tape Eddie pushes over her recording device. When she plays the tape it's backwards and it reveals an unfamiliar voice...Eddie's. While Eddie's rampaging the neighborhood his Drifter is expelled and can no longer help Eddie or even remember him. Tori finally gets Justin to confess his secret about Eddie's ability to talk.She's amazed by it and starts following him around with a microphone and recorder.The Drifter gets his job back since Eddie's selfless acts to save him were signs that he had changed. Eddie picks up deed #60 and requests that he not have to deal with Tori's constant interviewing. The Drifter casts a spell to make it so...too bad Eddie wasn't specific in his request. Tori can't find her microphone but she won't be needing it...she can hear h
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