Волчий дождь

Волчий дождь, 1-й сезон

Серии 1-го сезона

1 серия: Воющий ГородCity of Howls
Дата выхода:7 января 2003
Kiba, the white wolf, feels compelled to search for paradise and is drawn into the city by the scent of lunar flowers. He runs into some trouble when he gets shot by Quent and captured by scientists. Tsume is living with humans as a leader of a gang that steals from nobles. Cher and a group of scientists are studying Cheza, the flower maiden.
2 серия: Тобоэ, который не воетToboe, Who Doesn`t Howl
Дата выхода:14 января 2003
A young wolf, Toboe, is struggling to survive in the city and is befriended by a young girl, Leara. Kiba and Hige allow themselves to be captured as humans to try to get closer to Cheza. Meanwhile, Darcia plans to kidnap Cheza.
3 серия: Плохой пареньBad Fellow
Дата выхода:21 января 2003
After Darcia kidnaps Cheza, Kiba and Hige watch as he vanishes right before their eyes. Cher is recovering from her encounter with Darcia. Toboe tries to make amends to Leara, who is now afraid of him. The four wolves all meet and decide to leave the city in search of paradise.
4 серия: Шрамы пустыниScars in the Wasteland
Дата выхода:28 января 2003
The four wolves are traveling across a wasteland. Tsume leaves the group because he believes searching for paradise is a useless goal. Toboe follows him and they both run into a dangerous machine. Meanwhile, Cher decides to leave the city and leaves Hubb behind with the ""Book of the Moon.""
5 серия: Падшие волкиFallen Wolves
Дата выхода:4 февраля 2003
While searching for paradise the four wolves find a run down city on the sea. While in the city the find Zali and his pack. They are disgusted by the way Zali's pack works for humans to get food. Hige spots a female wolf.
6 серия: ПереемникиThe Successors
Дата выхода:25 февраля 2003
While Kiba is still recovering from his fight with Zali's pack, Hige and Toboe are searching for food. Hige ends up being captured by a group of humans who are planning to kill him. Now the others must get help from Zali to rescue Hige. Meanwhile, Hubb asks Quent about the ""Book of the Moon.""
7 серия: Дева цветкаThe Flower Maiden
Дата выхода:4 марта 2003
The wolves have left the tunnel and are once again searching for paradise. Cheza jumps from Darcia's airship to escape and meets the wolves. Meanwhile Cher and a group of soldiers are looking for Cheza.
8 серия: Песня снаSong of Sleep
Дата выхода:11 марта 2003
While trying to avoid Cher's soldiers Cheza and the wolves meet a mysterious old woman who has the same eyes as Cheza. The old woman tells Cheza that going with the wolves will only bring about destruction.
9 серия: ОпасенияMisgivings
Дата выхода:18 марта 2003
The wolves are still running from Cher's soldiers trying to find an escape from the town. They run into Blue, Quent's dog, and Cheza tells her that she has some wolf in her. Quent catches up with the wolves and tries to kill them again. Meanwhile, Cher learns about the history of the House of Darcia
10 серия: Судьба ЛуныMoon`s Doom
Дата выхода:8 апреля 2003
The four wolves and Cheza escape into the ""Forest of Death"" where Cheza feels weak because of the lack of sunlight. While in the forest they meet a cryptic owl that leads them into a cave with huge bugs. Meanwhile, Quent is interrogated by soldiers from the Cher's retrieval squad and Cher has been captured by Darcia.
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