Достучаться до тебя

Достучаться до тебя, 2-й сезон


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After ringing in the new year with her crush at their local shrine, things seem to be going well between Sawako and Kazehaya. However, a new year means new obstacles to overcome, and a young girl's first love is no exception. When Sawako begins to doubt herself, her rival Kurumi senses it and makes a few comments that push Sawako's confidence back to zero.
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Серии 2-го сезона

1 серия: Неразделённая любовь
Sawako stayed up late making chocolate for her friends...and for Kazehaya. When she sees him receiving chocolates from others as obligatory "thank-you" gifts, she is worried hers would be seen the same way. Kurumi taunts her, and Sawako hesitates.
2 серия: Валентинов день
Ever since Valentine's Day, a palpable rift has formed between Sawako and Kazehaya. Neither seem entirely sure why it is there, but they have trouble communicating as openly as they had been. Ayane and Chizuru try to intervene, but...
3 серия: Второй год
Kazehaya confides in Ryuu, while a new boy in class begins to flirt openly with Sawako. Realizing that such a pretty girl could get scooped up by another boy, Kazehaya tries to confront her as well as Kento.
4 серия: Забудь
Sawako's friends have words with Kazehaya, who seems to be making every wrong move. He is told that he is the "farthest away" from Sawako, and that he should lay off her or else other girls will grow jealous. Ayane gives Sawako some valuable advice.
5 серия: Не понимаю
Sawako begins to piece together that she may be the one pushing Kazehaya away. Chizuru gets a makeover for Tooru's wedding. Kento makes a surprising confession.
6 серия: Моя любовь
Misunderstandings abound as Kazehaya aggressively confronts Kento, who he believes made Sawako cry. Kazehaya and Sawako share a moment that becomes yet another misunderstanding that crushes her self-esteem.
7 серия: Любовь и горе
The misunderstanding builds as both Kazehaya and Sawako believe they rejected one another's confessions. Sawako seeks comfort in Kurumi, who tells her that she didn't even put up a fight for Kazehaya. These words resonate deeply inside Sawako.
8 серия: Отступись
Support comes in unexpected forms, as both Kento and Kurumi give advice to Sawako and Kazehaya. It spurs Sawako on to take action. As she runs to find her crush, all she can think about is finally letting her feelings out.
9 серия: Послушай
Even though a sliding door separates them, the words are heard loud and clear. There can be no more misunderstandings now.
10 серия: Признание
It's the day of the float parade! Everyone dons a thematic costume and word gets out about what happened between Kazehaya and Sawako. The two begin their lives together anew.
11 серия: Отныне
Sawako and Kazehaya go to karaoke with a group of friends. It turns out to be their first true date, and before the night ends, both of them want to make sure they're on the same page. But what do they both want to make clear?
12 серия: После фестиваля
Sawako has conquered the rumors and obstacles that stood between her and the boy she loves. She tells Kurumi what happened, and the two come to an understanding. Kazehaya and Sawako meet up outside of school for a day together, all alone...
13 серия: Дорогой мой человек
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