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Sawako Kuronuma has had a difficult time fitting in. Some say it's her jet black hair, others say it's her hushed manner of speaking, while still others claim it is due to her name's similarity to Sadako, a character from a popular Japanese horror series. On her first day of high school, Sawako meets the one boy who treats her like a normal girl-Shota Kazehaya.
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1 серия: ПрологPuroroogu
Дата выхода:6 октября 2009
Kuronuma Sawako is often misunderstood and feared by others for resembling a horror movie character. She enters her new high school hoping that she can make new friends. Her chance comes when she volunteers to be a ghost for a school activity.
2 серия: Смена парт
Sawako finds a lost puppy and Kazehaya decides to take him in. The class seats are shuffled and Sawako learns that she might have more friends than she first thought.
3 серия: После школы
Kazehaya and Sawako grow closer together and end up performing some classroom chores together after school.
4 серия: Слухи
Rumors are circulating about Sawako's friends, Ayane and Chizuru. It is said that Sawako started these rumors, but she is unaware that anything is going on at all. When approached about it, Sawako hesitates in her response.
5 серия: Долой недоразумения
The group is plagued by questions. Did Sawako start these rumors? Why would she do that? Who could really be responsible? No answers are in sight and Sawako shrinks back into her old ways-quiet and alone.
6 серия: Друзья
The rumor-mongers are outed and confronted when they decide to move against Sawako. Sawako learns who her true friends are.
7 серия: Субботний вечер
Sawako is invited to hang out with friends for the first time ever. She meets up with Ayane and Chizuru, and then spend some time at Ryuu's place. Kazehaya is invited over and everyone has a wonderful time.
8 серия: Тренировка
New rumors are circulating! Apparently, making Sawako laugh gives you good luck! Kazehaya's old friend Kurumi begins to get involved in things. Sawako and Kazehaya grow closer.
9 серия: Новые друзья
Kurumi decides to become friends with Sawako in order to get closer to Kazehaya, herself. Ayane and Chizuru are suspicious of this eternally-cheerful girl.
10 серия: Совместные усилия
Sawako finds herself unable to avoid Kurumi, who pops up around every corner to offer support or ask for something. An unfamiliar feeling surrounds Sawako and Kazehaya, who grow too flustered to speak with one another like they used to.
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