Женская бригада

Женская бригада, 1-й сезон

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Серии 1-го сезона

1 серия: Эпизод 1Pilots
Дата выхода:7 января 2001
While handling a hostage situation, CD meets her new partner, Angela. While trying to figure out who murdered a famous psychiatrist, both also need to take shooting tests. Magda and Peter, acting on a tip, discover illegal Asian immigrants who are being forced to work in exchange for their being brought to America. Kate is dismayed when Jinny makes a mistake while trying to bust deadbeat dads and even more dismayed when her 18-year-old daughter, Amanda, announces her engagement to her slacker boyfriend.
2 серия: Эпизод 2There But for Fortune
Дата выхода:4 февраля 2001
When Magda and Peter bust a meth lab, Magda gets an unpleasant surprise. Jinny goes undercover to bring down the owner of a strip club who forces dancers to have sex with celebrity customers. CD and Angela investigate the death of an homeless man and try to figure out how he got to the streets . Kate is having a relationship with a younger man, the assistant district attorney.
3 серия: Эпизод 3Seduced and Abandoned
Дата выхода:14 января 2001
Candace (C.D.) and Angela disagree over how to investigate a female murder victim; Jinny thinks she is being punished when she is assigned to a case involving a murdered dog.
4 серия: Эпизод 4Mother's Day
Дата выхода:21 января 2001
Kate spearheads an investigation of two officers who shoot and kill an unarmed man; Jinny's drinking problem causes her to miss a meeting with a star witness.
5 серия: Эпизод 5Forces of Deviance
Дата выхода:28 января 2001
In this episode the whole division is trying to find a baby that was in the backseat of a car during a hijacking.
6 серия: Эпизод 6Secrets and Lies
Дата выхода:11 февраля 2001
Angela looks into the death of a reporter.
7 серия: Эпизод 7The Fear Factor
Дата выхода:18 февраля 2011
Jinny Looks into the case of woman who was raped.
8 серия: Эпизод 8Don't Ask
Дата выхода:25 февраля 2001
Magda and Jinny's investigation into the death of a college student exposes the rampant homophobia in the victim's fraternity. The case touches a nerve with Jinny, whose own brother's coming-out unleashes a fury of prejudice in her family. CD and Angela look into a case of alleged elder abuse and a shocking development causes them to question their earlier decisions. Angela learns of CD's marital woes. Kate and her younger boyfriend fight about the state of their relationship, which she wishes to keep secret.
9 серия: Эпизод 9What Sharp Teeth You Have
Дата выхода:4 марта 2001
While at a gun show peter & Magda find out that a dealer sells weapons.
10 серия: Эпизод 10Hero
Дата выхода:11 марта 2001
A teen who set his school on fire is missing.
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