Доктор Куин: Женщина-врач

Доктор Куин: Женщина-врач, 5-й сезон

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Серии 5-го сезона

1 серия: Эпизод 1Runaway Train
Sully goes to Denver to negotiate the release of Cloud Dancing from the army. One of the conditions is that Sully is no longer Indian Agent and may not ever step foot on the reservation again. On the way home the train crashes, injuring most on board. Andrew learns a lesson in humility by watching Michaela in action.
2 серия: Эпизод 2Having It All
Michaela has returned to work after being home with Katie. Between work, the baby and being so tired,Michaela is spread thin. Sully feels neglected. Sully helps Michaela through this difficult time. Colleen is accepted to college in Denver.
3 серия: Эпизод 3Malpractice
A malpractice suit prevents Dr. Mike from practicing medicine, leaving the reluctant Dr. Cook in charge.
4 серия: Эпизод 4All That Glitters...
The appearance of renowned singer Gilda St. Clair (Barbara Mandrell) tempts Colleen to leave college and travel the world instead.
5 серия: Эпизод 5Los Americanos
A Latin American woman rebuffs Dr. Mike's attempts at friendship; the Rev. Johnson searches for a teacher to take his place. Teresa: Michelle Bonilla.
6 серия: Эпизод 6Last Dance
Dr. Mike faces the prospect of leaving her practice and friends for Wyoming when Sully is offered a job surveying Yellowstone National Park.
7 серия: Эпизод 7Right or Wrong
Dr. Mike is arrested and put in jail for treating a fugitive Indian; Jake and Preston run against each other for mayor of Colorado Springs.
8 серия: Эпизод 8Remember Me
A sick and ragged prospector wanders into town and Jake Slicker recognizes the man as his father, who abandoned him years before.
9 серия: Эпизод 9Legend
Dr. Mike, Sully and Matthew team up with a legendary marshal in order to nab the thieves who wounded Matthew during a bank robbery.
10 серия: Эпизод 10The Tempest
A severe storm bears down on Colorado Springs, disrupting the arrival of Preston Lodge II and Dr. Mike's attempts to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner.
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