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Женщина за гранью нервного срыва. 40-летняя карьеристка из топ-менеджмента крупной корпорации возвращается из отпуска просветленной. Она прошла тренинг личностного роста, знает отныне, как надо жить, и намерена обучить этому сотрудников. Безжалостная офисная стерва превращается в воина света, но окружающим трудно в это поверить. Комедийная драма придумана и спродюсирована Лорой Дерн, она же – соавтор сценария и исполнительница главной роли.
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Дата выхода:10 октября 2011
A corporate employee starts a new life after suffering an on-the-job meltdown and receiving therapy at a holistic treatment center.
Дата выхода:17 октября 2011
Despite being banished to a dead-end job in the basement of Abaddonn, Amy tries to impress a human-resources representative with evidence that the company needs to redefine its mission. Elsewhere, Amy seeks to convince Levi to change his ways.
Дата выхода:24 октября 2011
Disgusted with her new surroundings at Abaddonn, Amy gets excited about the prospect of making a difference with a job at a homeless shelter, but an unexpected bill from her hiatus at the treatment center makes her think again.
Дата выхода:31 октября 2011
Afraid of falling into a rut on her first weekend home after treatment, Amy convinces Levi to revisit one of their favorite spots for a kayaking trip in a remote canyon, but she's disappointed to learn that he can't leave his old lifestyle behind.
Дата выхода:7 ноября 2011
A news story about a Mexican-born mother's deportation stirs Amy to rally behind the family, but she has trouble finding similar motivation for human-rights causes among her coworkers or at Krista's baby shower.
Дата выхода:14 ноября 2011
Amy is delighted to get a visit from Sandy, whom she met at the Hawaiian retreat, but their friendship begins to deteriorate when Helen rolls up the welcome mat, and Amy has to turn to Levi for a lodging option. Their relationship is strained even more after Sandy misses a yoga session at Abaddonn.
Дата выхода:21 ноября 2011
A bad dream helps Amy face her feelings for Levi, but she also bonds with Tyler over loneliness issues after Dougie gets a promotion and Amy tries to set him up on a date with Krista's coworker.
Amy is reported to HR for unsatisfactory performance related to personality clashes in the department, so she appeals to Krista to speak to Damon about finding another position.
Дата выхода:5 декабря 2011
Helen gets lost in the past when she recalls her deceased husband and runs into an old friend at the grocery store whose husband used to work with him. Meanwhile, Levi vents about Helen's meddling in his failed marriage to Amy when he drops off a photo album.
Дата выхода:12 декабря 2011
After Levi goes ballistic in the middle of the night, Amy convinces him to follow in her footsteps and get treatment at Open Air. At work, a reinvigorated Amy talks Damon into letting her present her research findings to his group. The problem is that Dougie, who no longer talks to Amy without a 'witness,' won't let her leave the office. No matter - Amy makes her presentation anyway and pays the price, both with Damon's team and with Dougie. Bristling but still battling, Amy turns to Tyler for the key to forcing change, finally, at Abaddonn.
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